Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gift Cards

Datio POS Gift Cards


Selling gift cards is a great way to add revenue to your business and keep your customers happy.  Datio POS gift cards are barcode based.  You can order generic starter gift cards from Datio POS in quantities of 20.  You can also order from our verified partners with your logo or order your gift cards from your preferred supplier; the only requirement is to have a unique barcode on the card.  We do not support gift cards with magnetic stripes.  Our gift card service is $24 per month.

It is possible to use gift cards as an account.  An example is a swimming pool club.  You can have a kid's parents pay you in advance to load the kid's accounts.  Instead of using a gift card with a barcode, you can use their name as the unique identifier.  In this case I might use "johndatio" as the gift card barcode unique identifier.  It is important to note that the barcode unique identifier is sensitive to lower case and upper case, treating them as different characters.  Then when doing the actual sale I would simply type in the name of "johndatio".

Turning on Gift Cards

To turn on gift cards start from the Datio POS App. Then go to EXTRAS, CUSTOM SETUP, GIFT CARDS, select "ON" and SAVE. Gift cards are now enabled.  Gift Cards are $24 per month to use.

Selling the Gift Card

To sell the gift card start in the Datio POS App tap + Add Item.  Then tap the box "GIFT CARD." Enter the price and scan the gift card barcode or enter a unique identifier.  Next, add to cart and sell the gift card with Cash or Credit like a normal sale.

Using a Gift Card to Pay for Goods or Services

Add items to the cart as you normally would do for a cash or credit sale.  But this time select "GIFT CARD" as the payment method.  The software will then ask you to enter or scan the gift card.  Complete the sale as normal.  If the gift card doesn't have enough balance to complete the sale, the payment screen will reappear to finish with cash or credit.

Check Gift Card Value

To check the value of an existing gift card, tap + Add Item, enter the barcode and check GIFT CARD, and then ADD TO CART.   You can then print the value if you like.

Thank you!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Giving Tips in Credit Card Sales

When you sell services or items that may invite tipping, you can use the Tips and Sales Associate features to help track items you sell and assign them and associated tips to sales associates. 

Hair Salon Scenario

Let's say that you have a hair salon with three stylists. A father and son come in for haircuts. While one stylist is cutting the father's hair, another stylist can be cutting the son's hair. When the father pays for both haircuts in one credit card sales transaction, you can assign his haircut to the first stylist, and then assign his son's haircut to the second stylist. The father can give a separate tip to each stylist. You can send a receipt via text message to each stylist, and send the customer a receipt via text message and/or hand him a printed receipt. The text messages and printed receipt will list the haircuts and the tips. When you view reports in the Dashboard, you can view and filter sales associate and tips data in the Item Sales and Sales Associates reports.

In this blog we'll show you how to set up tips, how to set up sales associates, how to assign items to sales associates, how to give tips to sales associates, how to send text messages to sales associates and to the customer, and how to view and filter report data by item sales and sales associates.

Setting Up Tips

1.  From the main screen of your store, tap Extras, tap Custom Setup, and then tap Tips.
2.  For the Tip To Be Calculated On setting, select All.
3.  For the Collect Tips setting, select On.
4.  For the Custom Tips setting, select On.  (Custom Tip allows your customer to enter the % or dollar amount, normally okay for salon's but for quick serve restaurant to speed things up we suggest to turn off)
5.  Tap Save.
6.  Close the Extra window.

Setting Up Sales Associates

1.  From the main screen of your store, tap Extras, tap Custom Setup, and then tap Sales Associate.
2.  Enter the name and mobile phone number of the first sales associate.
3.  Tap the plus sign (+) and enter the name and mobile phone number of the second sales associate.
4.  At the top of the Sales Associate window, tap On.
5.  Tap Save.

6.  Close the Extra window.

Assigning Items to Sales Associates

Note: This example uses the Hair Salon Scenario listed earlier.

1.  From the main screen of your store, tap Man's Haircut, and then tap Boy's Haircut.

2.  In the cart, tap Man's Haircut under the Name column, and then select the sales associate who performed the haircut.

3.  In the cart, tap Boy's Haircut under the Name column, and then select the sales associate who performed the haircut.

Paying by Credit Card and Giving Tips

1.  In the cart, tap the total to complete the sales transaction.
2.  In the Payment screen, tap Credit.
3.  In the Credit screen, swipe the customer's card.
4.  In the Tip for the first sales associate screen, enter the tip amount, and then tap Next.

5.  In the Tip for the second sales associate screen, enter the tip amount, and then tap Next.

6.  In the Signature screen, let the customer enter his signature, and then tap Next.

Sending Text Messages and/or Printing Receipts

1.  In the Choice of Receipt screen, select Text (SMS) to send text messages only, or Text+Print to send text messages and also print a receipt.

2.  In the Enter Mobile Phone screen, enter the mobile phone number of the customer, and then tap Done.

The sales associates will receive a text message with details about the sales transaction.

The customer will receive a text message with details about the sales transaction and/or get a printed receipt.

Viewing Item Sales and Sales Associates Reports

1.  From the main screen of your store, tap Extras and then tap Dashboard.
2.  Enter your Username (email address) and Password, and then tap Login.
3.  Under Reports, tap Item Sales.
4.  To filter by sales associate, tap the Sales Associate list arrow.

5.  Under Reports, tap Sales Associate.

6.  Scroll to the right to see Tip amounts.

Note: You also can access reports from your PC and smartphone. On your device, open your web browser app and go to the web site Then follow the steps listed earlier to log in and view your reports.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Datio POS Mobile Scanner Set Up

Set up the Datio POS mobile scanner so you can use it with your Datio POS software. Charge the scanner, pair it with the iPad, and add your item via UPC (the most popular barcodes printed on retail items) codes.

You can buy the scanner at

Table of Contents:

  • In the Box
  • Charge the Scanner
  • Pair the Scanner
  • Correct Scanner Mode
  • Pair the Scanner
  • Using the Scanner
  • Unpair the Scanner (Optional)

In the Box:

The Datio Barcode Scanner ships with all of the parts and pieces listed below.  We suggest following this guide.  It will help you set up the scanner.  The directions with the scanner are for many different systems.  Follow our guide to set up the scanner for the Datio POS software.

  • Socket Barcode Scanner
  • 2 AAA NiMH batteries (don't use standard batteries, only use rechargeable NiMH)
  • Charging adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Installation CD (Not used with Datio POS)

  • Charge the Scanner:

    The scanner uses rechargeable batteries to keep your store’s operations moving for a full day. Insert the scanner’s batteries and then plug it in to charge.  You can plug it into the side of the Datio POS Base Station.

    Insert Batteries

    1. Turn the lock so it is horizontal and remove the cover.
    2. Insert the included NiMH rechargeable batteries.
      Use only the included NiMH batteries. Do NOT use standard alkaline batteries.
    3. Replace the back cover and turn the lock so it is vertical.

    Charge the Scanner

    Charge the scanner via the included adapter.
    1. Plug the USB charging cable into the scanner.
    2. Plug the other end of the charging cable into the charging adapter or Datio POS Base Station side charging port or plug the charging adapter into a power outlet.
    3. If you are setting up the scanner for the first time, allow it to charge for 5 hours before unplugging, but you can use the scanner while plugged in right away.

    Correct scanner mode:

    Make sure Bluetooth is turned off on your iPad.

    Important! Make sure the Scanner is not connected to bluetooth to the iPad or device before scanning the barcode below! 

    1. Power on the scanner. 

    2. To change the profile to Datio POS for iPad iOS, scan this barcode.  You might be able to scan this directly on your computer screen or if not please print the page to scan the bar code.

    3.  The scanner will beep 3 times.
    4.  The scanner is now in the correct mode for use with the Datio POS software.

    Pair Scanner:

    Pair the Socket scanner with the iPad to begin using it at the register with the Datio POS software.
    1. Open the iPad's 'Settings' app.
    2. Tap 'Bluetooth'.
      Switch Bluetooth on and tap the 'Socket' device.
    3. Wait for the Socket's status to change to “Connected.”
    4. The scanner will remain paired with the iPad until powered off or disconnected.

    Using the scanner:

    From the Datio POS App, go to Extras\Custom Setup\Hardware\Hardware Selection and turn on the "SOCKET BARCODE SCANNER" then hit Save.

    The scanner will now be ready to use.  Go back to the Home scree as shown below.  Select search, then push the large button on the scanner, point it to the barcode on the item you want to scan.  If the item is new you will get a window to set up the item with name and price.  If the item is already set up, scanning the item will add the item to the cart.

    If you restart the App you may need to select search again to get the scanner going.  After you hit search one time and the scanner is working, you don't need to push scan again, just scan your item to add to cart.

    Unpair Scanner (Optional):

    Unpair the scanner from the iPad to pair it with a different device or to change the scanner’s mode.  You only need to do this if you are setting the scanner up on a new iPad.
    1. Open Settings on the iPad.
    2. Tap 'Bluetooth'.
      Tap the blue 'i' next to the scanner.
    3. Select 'Forget This Device'.
    4. Tap 'OK' to confirm.