Sunday, November 4, 2018

Setting up Datio Point of Sale EMV chip card reader LAN IPP350

This article is to help you set up the Datio IPP350.   To use the Datio IPP350, you need an account set up with WorldPay (AKA Vantiv).  Please contact us at 408-643-0990 by text or by email for any help needed.

What is in the box:
1.  Datio IPP350
2.  Main cable
3.  Wall power adapter

What else is needed:
1.  Ethernet cable
2.  Ethernet or LAN coupler

Make the connections:
Start by plugging the main cable to the Datio IPP350.  In the picture below, this is Step 1.  Then plug in the power adapter to the other end of the main cable, Step 2 below.  Then plug in the coupler and ethernet cable to the main cable, Step3.  Lastly, plug in the opposite end of the ethernet cable to your router.  Note that the router must be the same router as your iPad is using for Wifi.

Your Datio IPP350 should now say "This Lane Closed."  Next we need to get the IP address from your Datio IPP350 unit.

Get the Datio IPP350's IP address:
Push the Yellow key and the # key on the unit simultaneously.  This is a simple push of both keys at the same time.  The unit will reboot.  When you see the copyright screen push the Red button.  Use the F2 key if you do not see the IP address.  The IP address should have a format similar to  Don't worry if you missed it, when the unit returns to "This Lane Closed," you may try again.  Or if you have your phone camera ready, you can take a picture when the IP address appears.

Set up the Datio IPP350 in the Datio POS iPad Application:
Go to  your iPad, open the Datio App.  Go to Extras\Custom SetUp\EMV.  Turn on the Ingenico IPP350.  Enter the IP address you found in the previous step.  Then select SAVE.  Please note you can only use one of the EMV options below.

Continue the setup in the App:
Add an item to the cart, select Total to check out, and then select Credit.  Please be very patient when the first item is added, as the Datio IPP350 will download some files which can take up to 5-10 minutes.  After the first item, you won't have the file download delay.

Continue with test transaction:
The Datio IPP350 should now say "Datio POS".  Insert EMV cards into the bottom of the unit for payment.  Remove when the unit tells you to.  Apple, Android and Samsung pay will also work.

IMPORTANT note for restaurants:  For debit cards when asked for PIN, simply do not enter the PIN and push the Green button to continue without PIN.

Basic flow is as follows:  add item(s) to cart, select Total to check out, select credit, insert card or tap phone for Apple, Samsung or Android Pay.  Look for the remove card and Approved messages.  When the transaction was successful you will see "Choice of Receipt."  Pick the receipt type, text or print.

Any questions please text or call us at 408-643-0990 or email Learn more at