Monday, August 15, 2016

How to reset your password

How to reset your Datio POS password
Your security is very important to us.  We cannot reset your password over the phone or send you your password because we store it encrypted.  Follow the steps below to reset your password.  You can only reset your password from your iPad:
1. On the iPad home screen delete the Datio POS App by holding down the icon until it wiggles and you get the "X" to delete it.

2. Tap the "X" and then at the message, tap Delete. Note that we keep all your settings and data so you will not lose anything.

3. Press the Home button on the iPad.
4. Download and install the Datio POS Solution App again from the Apple App Store.  Search for "Datio POS" from the Apple App Store.

5. After the App has been installed, tap Open and then tap the Sign In tab.
6. Enter the User Email ID (email address) that you used to sign in previously.

7. Tap Forgot Password. 
8. We automatically email you a message entitled "Reset your password for DATIOPOS App" with a link to a new password.

9. Open the email message, and then tap the link.

10. Enter a new password, and then tap Save. 

11. You get a message that the password was changed.
12. Return to the Datio Sign In screen and enter your new password. Then tap Sign In.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

How to use Prompt for Price or what some call convenience store mode

Many old fashion cash registers had departments or PLU (price look up).  Prompt for price is our new version of an old fashion method.  This feature can be used by a store that might have hundreds or thousands of items and don't want to add each item.  If you did want to add thousands of items, send us your spread sheet and we will do it for you.  Prompt for price is an alternative to adding each item.  Prompt for price is a way to add an item called "Drinks" or "Beer" or "Chips".  But instead of entering a price for each of these items when you select the item the system will ask your for the price.  Let's show how to do it.

From the home screen click + Add Item.

Name your item and select prompt for price and save the item.  Hit the X in the upper right to close the window.  In this example my Item is Beer.

Okay let's do a sale, select "Beer," the item we just created, and notice the software will prompt you to enter the price.

Now you see the item in the cart for the price we entered it.  Now click the "Total" to complete the sale.

That is our version of departments or PLU (Price Look Up) but with a new twist.  Thank you.

What is Terminal Credit? or How do i use my existing credit card reader with Datio POS?

Many of our customers requested to be able to use their existing credit card terminal.  Many want to do this because they have long term contracts with their existing processor.  Well now you can do it!  It is very simple to set up.
From the home screen go to Extras at the lower right.

Then select Custom Setup then Terminal Credit.

Turn On Terminal Credit in your Datio POS app.

Start a sale, by selecting an item and add to cart, select the total to start the payment process, below shows with Tips turned on, if Tips are off this screen will not be shown.  Turning Tips on is a great way to help increase your revenue from Tips.

Now it is time to enter the amount and swipe the credit card on our payment terminal.

Now let your customer pick his receipt type.

That is it.  At a later date if you decide to add integrated Datio credit card processing just send us a text at 408-643-0990 and we will help you get set up.

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