Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Update the Datio POS Base Station firmware.

The Datio POS Retail and Quick Service App Version greater than 1.20.10 and Full Service Restaurant Version Greater than 2.4.5 have the ability to update the firmware that controls the Base Station.  The firmware upgrade from 9.011 (9.11) to 10.09 (10.9) speeds printing and in some cases improves the stability of the connection between the iPad and Base Station.  It is best to keep the Datio App and Firmware updated.

To update your Firmware.  First check if your version is more than 1.20.10 or 2.4.5 by going to extra and reading the version after the V such as V1.20.10.


Next you will see the message "Your current version is 9.011 or 10.09 or newer, please do not close the App or turn off or unplug the base station, Ok." Hit "Ok" to update.  Give the Firmware time to update.

You will then see a message "Firmware update successfully, ok."

FIRMWARE is now updated, thank you.
New payment screen as of January 30, 2018 and version 1.20.10

We have updated the payment screen to enable gift cards and split payments.   In the older version and new one hits the "Total" on the home screen to check out.

The old payment screen would look like below.  Or if you are using your own credit card terminal Credit and Manual Entry will be replaced by Terminal Credit.

The new payment screen with split payment and gift cards will look like below.  Gift cards will not show up unless you have enabled from Extras, Custom Setup, Gift Cards.  You can treat this screen just like you did before, simply hit Cash, Credit or Manual Card Entry to continue like you have always done.

To use split payment, you can hit 2, 3 or 4 way to split the check evenly.  Or you can enter the amount  by hitting the "C" to clear and then enter any amount.  After processing the partial amount you will return to this screen to do another partial or pay the remaining amount.  You can split or pay partial as many times as you wish, even 10 or 20!  Each split can be cash, credit or gift card.