Sunday, April 1, 2018

Here are Top 8 Reasons why Retailers and Salon are choosing Datio Point Of Sale.

Square POS
Shopkeep POS
$54 for first Datio POS Register and an additional $25 for each register afterward. 
Free for Basic. 
$60 for Square Retail and $20 for each new register
$69 for each register, $39 for each additional
Speak to a support agent when you call in. Text and email based support are available at your fingertips. We take pride in supporting our customers. Have aquestion? Pick up the phone. 
Email support only and is very hard to get a response.
$30 per month for each terminal
We have no contract  cancel anytime.
Basic has no commitment. Retail has commitment.
Long term commitments, 12 or 24 month intervals.
Add your Items on register and instantly see it on all your other terminals. Receive SMS alerts when inventory is low. Accept split payment in  any number of ways. 
Inventory is very basic and no alerts.
Register can only show 270 items, rest can only be scanned. 
Alerts are not available in the basic package.
Sales Associate Tracking
Track your Sales by Sales Associate or commission. 
Included in standard package.
$5 per Sales Associate
Not available in basic
Cash only.
Credit and Cash are available Offline.
Not available.
External Processors
Vantiv or any processor of your choice (use Terminal Credit)
Only Square payments
Various integrations and 3rd party are available.
Gift Cards
$15 to enable gift cards
Charges $1.50 per card
$29 in addition plus individual gift card charges
Collect Tips on Screen.
Collect Tips on Screen.
Collect Tips on Screen.
Receive Tips on Service Only, select category which Tips are charged on. Receive Tips for each  Sales Associate that helped customer e.g: Kids + Dad's haircut. Sales Associate love receiving txt for amount of Tip they got right after sale.
Not Available
Not Available

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