Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Employee Management and Time Cards

Employee management has two aspects.  First, we offer user control, this is managers and employees. Using this feature you will limit employees from the Extra items like adjusting prices and access to custom set up.  The second part of employee management is employee time tracking.  Below are the steps to accomplish both.  Please note employee management is an additional $26 per month.

Go to EXTRAS then Custom Setup

Then go to Sales Associates, we need to set up your employees, owner and/or managers.  You need at least one manager and one employee.  Save your adds when complete.

Now lets go to EXTRA, Custom Setup, Employee Settings and then Employee Management.

You should see the two or more employees you added in Sales Associates here.  You need to assign roles.  You need at least one manager and one employee.  Enter a 4 digit PIN.  Write these down, don't forget them.  If you do, call us at 408-643-0990.

Employees will be locked out of EXTRAS and from doing refunds, manager PIN will be required for refunds after this setup.

Time cards are a great way to track your employee's working time.  Employees will use their PIN to clock in and out.  Only you can adjust time like a missed break or someone forgetting to clock out.  Below are the steps.  First, you have to turn on Employee Management as described above.  Time cards are best viewed for payroll from our cloud at

First you need to enable Time Cards.  Goto EXTRAS, enter manager PIN, Custom Setup, Employee Settings, Employee Managment and then turn on TIME CARD AND ROLES.  Save and exit.

Now let's show how to clock in, goto EXTRAS then TIME CLOCK.

Notice the TIME CLOCK FOR John, as I used my PIN for John to go to EXTRAS, TIME CLOCK.  Simply Clock in and Out here.

Now let's talk about how to adjust someones time card.  Only a manager can adjust time cards.  Goto EXTRA, Custom Setup, Employee Settings and then Time Adjustment.  Pick the employee to adjust the time.

To edit an entry swipe to the left, then hit "Edit."  If you don't see the days you are looking for update the range.  You can also use the "Add" button to add a working time via a In and Out.

For Reports go to from our computer.  On the left pick reports and employee.  Then make sure you select the Range you want to see, like the work week 5/1-5/8 or other to see the total time for that Range.  Select the employee to see the total time.

Any questions feel free to call or text us at 408-643-0990 or email at Learn more at

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