Friday, April 15, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.  What type of stores can I use your system for?
A1.  We work well for retail, cafe, diners, delis, restaurants and other shops.  We have a retail app for salons and basic retail.  We have a quick-serve restaurant app for order at the counter.  We have a restaurant app for full service pay the table restaurants.

Q2.  Can I use your system with my credit card provider or Square?
A2.  No we do not support other credit card providers or Square.  Our credit card provider, WorldPay, is a leading payment provider in the USA.  Please contact them at 303-362-2738 to understand how they can assist you.  No harm in checking our credit card processing rates, no fee for a quotation.  If you want to use your own terminal from your merchant bank learn how here.

Q3.  Can I use your system outside of the USA?
A3.  Yes, but only with cash, we do not support credit card processing outside of the United States.  We support credit card processing via Terminal Credit.

Q4.  Can I use your system for my restaurant?
A4.  Yes. We support pay at the counter restaurants such as cafes, delis, sandwich shops, and dinners with our quick-serve app.  We also support full-service pay at the table restaurants..

Q5:  What iPads do you support?
A5:  We support standard 9.7" iPads with an 8 pin connector.  This is the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7" and current 9.7 iPad.  The iPads with the old big 30 pin connector we do not support.

Q6:  How do I know if my iPad is one listed above?
A6:  Easiest is if you have a 9.7" with an 8 pin it will work, this includes the following:

iPad Version; Model on Rear of iPad; Model from Settings\About\Model
iPad 4; A1458 and A1459; MD510LL, MD516LL and MD522LL
iPad Air; A1474, A1475 and A1476; MD785LL and ME991LL
iPad Air 2; A1566 and A1567; MGLW2LL and MH2V2LL
iPad Pro 9.7"; A1673 and A1674; (we are working on getting the settings model numbers)

Q7:  What is the best iPad to use?
A7:  We recommend the Apple iPad Air 2 with 16GB.  It is economical and works perfectly with the Datio POS Base Station and the Datio POS App.  The new iPad that works can be found on Apple's site here.

Q8:  I make custom cakes, how do i charge differently for each?
A9:  Click on "+ Add Item" from the home screen.  Give the cake a name such as Kerri's Wedding Cake, give the cake a price, click add item to cart.  The item won't be saved on the home screen but will be available to view in reports.  Maybe also always pick the category red to help in reporting later.

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