Thursday, May 11, 2017

Setting up the Datio Point of Sale Cash Register for iPad with Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer and Stand for Datio POS Software

How to get started:
This system only works with the Datio POS software available from the Apple App Store. Buy the hardware from

  1. In box: Cash Drawer, Printer, iPad Stand, 2x Charger Cables and Wall Charger and 1 Roll of Paper.  Credit card reader is shipped for free when your merchant account is set up.  Use only one charging cable, one goes direct to iPad or if using the credit card reader use the other cable to the reader and the reader charges the iPad.
  2. Find the stand and remove it from the bag or bubble wrap.  Practice putting the iPad on the stand before removing the red striped tape liners.  The iPad home button should be on the right side.  This is important.  Once you understand the orientation remove the 4 tape liners and place the Stand on the iPad.  Center the Apple logo in the stand.  Push down very firmly.  Set the stand up like the 3rd picture overnight for the tape to cure.

  3. Find the correct swiper adaptor for your iPad.  It is in the box with the swiper.  The adaptors are labeled; Air2 works with the Pro.  Push the adaptor on to the credit card reader; follow the orientation in the second picture.  (Note:  Shipped separately when merchant account set up)

  4. Plug the charging cord into the credit card swiper.  Plug the other end of the charging cable into the wall brick.  Plug the credit card reader onto the iPad.  Route the cable through the stand as shown.  You can also plug this into the wall.  If you are not using the credit card swiper simply use your iPad charger cable we supplied.

  5. Turn the cash drawer upside down and plug in the small cable to the cash drawer.  This same small cord will plug into the printer.  Plug the power connect; into the printer, note the flat part of the power connector faces up.  Put the paper in the printer and then turn on the printer.

  6. From the back and front your system should look now like this.  Some people like to put the printer on the cash drawer or on the counter.  Either is okay.  

  7. Download the App by searching for Datio POS in the Apple App Store.
  8. Start the Datio POS App.  Register and enter your email address. You will receive a verification code in your email and via text message.  Then enter the code and push continue registration.   
  9. You are now ready to accept cash sales. Call Vantiv at 800-846-4472 to set up credit cards, text us that you need the credit card reader.  We also can supply a chip (EMV) credit card reader.
  10. You can now start to use the register.  Click + to Add Item, enter price and save to cart.  Or give the item a name and price and save it for next time.
  11. You can manage your business from your laptop or iPad by going to
Other helpful hints
  • Use Extra to set up taxes.  You can set up 5 different taxes
  • Use Extra \ Custom Setup to enable tips
  • To do a refund, click Extra then Transaction and Refund list, search or pick the transaction, then hit return, and pick the items to return
  • After adding an item to the cart  use “+” to increase item quantity and “-“ to decrease it.  If item quantities are decreased to zero, the item is deleted.
  • Want to delete the complete cart?  Swipe to the right on the total and cart is cleared.
  • Do a discount by holding the total to discount the complete cart or tap the price of the item in the cart to discount that item.

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