Sunday, July 28, 2019

How to Categorize Your Items

How to categorize your items.

Datio POS uses colors to categorize items.  When creating an item you can select the color.  Maybe you can set up red for all your drinks, blue for your lunch specials, and yellow for your sandwiches.  Below are the steps to use colors to sort your items.  We have 11 default colors and with additional colors you can have a total of 45 color catagories.

First create an item by selecting +Add Item on the home menu or hold your finger on an item to edit the item.

After you have assigned a color to all your items then searching or looking at just those items in that color is easy.  Simply select on the colors on the left hand side.  You can select just Red or Red and Blue as an example.  To clear the sort slect the color again to clear.

To increase the number of colors from 11 to 45 go to Extras, Custom Setup, and Colors and turn on Additonal Colors.  Be sure to hit the Save button.

After turning on Additional Colors, on the home screen you will have a new color option.  Select this then the color you want to see.  Select it again to add another color to your sort or unslect that color.


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