Sunday, July 28, 2019

XZ Reports, X Report and Z Rest Report

Datio POS XZ Reports, X Report, and Z Rest Report

X and Z reports are common industry types of reports.  These types of reports are older than you and I.  They were originally used in cash registers without central processing computers.  The iPad is a great computer with a powerful memory and processor.  Below, I will explain both X and Z reports.

Datio POS has great online reports.  We keep the reports as long as you are paying your monthly subscription fee (and sometimes even longer just in case you need them).  Go to our blog to learn about our powerful reporting.

XZ reports are to capture sales from a specific register.  If you are using 2 or more registers to get the data you need to run the report from all registers.  To look at combine sales for the day simply use the basic report from  From our reports you can select any day or days, months or years.

Below is an example of the XZ reports.  To run the XZ report go to Extras,  XZ Report.  You will see the sales and can print and email the report.  Note the time on the top.  The report will reset after 3 days.  Most people that use this report, reset every night, morning or shift change.  The report is commonly used to check cash in the register at the end of a shift.  X report is the sales from the last reset,  you can print this and come back to see any additional sales.  Z report is the same but Z report will reset the count.

Below are 3 printed examples.  Example 1, I ran the X report.  This showed all sales on this register from 7/26 midnight to 7/28 at 11:00 am.  Example 2, is the same report from 7/26 midnight to 7/28 at 11:10 am, you can see sales between items 1 and 2 are the same because I didn't do any sales between running the reports.  Item 2 below was a Z report so sales where reset, as you see in the 3rd printout after running the Z report sales, are $0.00.


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